Becs, Dave and Amelie - Pre Wedding Shoot-Richmond Park/Pembroke Lodge

This family has a special place in my heart as from the moment we met we clicked straight away. They are the perfect family unit with Amelie being the most adorable little one ever. My heart skipped a beat when she took my hand to lead me off when it was time to take the photos and finding out that we share the same birthday made it that extra bit special! For the pre-wedding shoot we went to Richmond Park and after getting to know each other a little bit more over coffee we walked around the grounds of Pembroke Lodge looking for flower fairies with Amelie and then over into the park. I'm so pleased they love their photos. Here's a little note that Becs sent:

"Thank you so so much for last week, and for making it a really enjoyable afternoon. The pictures are stunning! We love them! We know we are going to be in great hands for the wedding!"